We have a Tentative Agreement at University Hospital! - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

We have a Tentative Agreement at University Hospital!

I am pleased to announce that after two more long days of negotiations, your HPAE Local 5094 bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement with University Hospital management for a new contract for professional employees. This is our first contract since the hospital became a standalone facility due to the reorganization. We protected the standards we’ve worked long to achieve and made a number of significant improvements.

Some highlights of the agreement include:

  • Three year – expires September 30th, 2017.
  • Wage increases upon ratification with full retroactive pay back to 2014.
  • Step movement for all members on the payroll as of 10/1/2014.
  • 10% increase to the shift differential
  • A $700 increase in tuition reimbursement.
  • Improved seniority provisions and layoff rights
  • Streamlined grievance procedure with management accountability for lack of response.

There are many other improvements we look forward to sharing with you. A full summary will be posted next week.

We will be announcing dates, times and locations for a ratification vote. Stay tuned for these important details.

These were long and difficult negotiations. I commend those members who showed their support for our union during this process through participation in meetings, rallies and actions. I congratulate our negotiating committee, who volunteered their time, for their commitment and hard work. We are proud of what we achieved together and know we still have our work cut out for us.

On behalf of your negotiating committee,

In Solidarity,

Christine Boardingham
HPAE Local 5094
University Hospital Chair