HPAE Local 5135 Rutgers Wage Increase

By now, you should have received your HPAE Local 5135 negotiated wage increase. The increase was initially delayed due to the Rutgers payroll migration. The University has now informed us that the raise was included in the November 18th paycheck including payment for earnings retroactive to the first full pay period in October 2016. The employer had intended to delay this increase until January, however through your efforts, they agreed to pay it out sooner with retro pay:

  • If you are a nurse on the RB scale you should have received a 1% wage increase. In addition, if you were hired prior to October 1, 2016 and you were credited with an additional year of accrued experience as of October 2016, you should have been moved up one step on the wage scale. (Part-time nurses must work two full years in order to receive one step). Or, if you were on the top step as of October 1, 2016, you should have receive a $1,000 lump sum payment (pro-rated for part-time nurses).
  • If you are a nurse on the RH scale, you should have received a 1% increase. Also you may apply anytime to transfer to the RB scale.
  • If you are a per diem staff nurse, you should have received a 1% increase.
  • If you are Advanced Practice Nurse, you should have receive a 2% increase.

If you did not receive the raise and/or retro payment, please notify your Staff Representative, Bryan Nelson, immediately by emailing bnelson@hpae.org. Include the HPAE Payroll Issue Tracking Form and fax it, along with your pay-stub, to HPAE.

We also filed a class action grievance on behalf of all bargaining unit employees at Rutgers over the multitude of payroll errors and resulting unpaid wages. If you have experienced a payroll error resulting is missing regular pay, overtime pay, shift or charge nurse differentials, and/or mileage reimbursement, please contact the University helpline at 848-932-3888. In addition, notify your HPAE Rep, fill out the HPAE Payroll Issue Tracking Form, and fax it, along with your corresponding pay-stubs and helpline tracking number to HPAE.

And finally, we are continuing to negotiate a settlement to the ongoing issue of the “hold-back” week resulting from the payroll migration. We hope to share an update on our progress in the coming days. Be sure to check your email for further updates.