Philly Mayor Hosts Forum on Saving the ACA - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Philly Mayor Hosts Forum on Saving the ACA


Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney hosted a forum at the Community Health and Literacy Center to support preserving the Affordable Care Act in Philadelphia and across the country. The forum brought together city officials, healthcare advocates, community members, and healthcare workers, including Local 5106/Temple Episcopal VP Sue Clements.

Health Commissioner Dr. Tom Farley, and Behavioral Health Commissioner David Jones spoke about the importance of preserving the ACA in Philadelphia, where 220,000 Philadelphians obtained coverage through the ACA and Medicaid expansion. Adrienne Gunther, a University of the Arts graduate with multiple sclerosis, shared how the Medicaid expansion of the ACA gave her coverage when her condition caused her to be unemployed.

Other speakers included Congressman Dwight Evans, City Council member Kenyatta Johnson, the PASNAP nurses union president Patty Eakin RN, and University of Pennsylvania Health System CEO Ralph Mullen.

To take Action: Call Senator Pat Toomey and tell him to oppose repeal of the ACA without a replacement – (866)426-2631.