Local 5089 Member Speaks at "Clean Energy" Event - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5089 Member Speaks at “Clean Energy” Event

Janice Fitzgerald speaking at the April 10th event

Janice Fitzgerald, RN, APN and an HPAE Local 5089 member, participated in an event last Monday in Camden, NJ to highlight the public health impacts of climate change.

In her presentation to the group, Janice noted that “the debate is not whether climate change is harming our children, we know that to be a fact. Now is the time for the current generation of policy makers and advocates to debate how we will reduce air pollution, create opportunities to invest in clean energy and technology and prevent future generations of children from the health risks associated with a warming climate and contaminated environment.”

The event was part of a series of kick-off meetings that Jersey Renews, the New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC), and other partner organizations committed to a sustainable economy and the use of renewal energies are conducting around the state. The next event is the New Brunswick Kick-Off on Monday, April 10.