HPAE Local 5094 University Hospital preparation for negotiations begins!

On Thursday, May 18th, the negotiations committees for both Local 5094 & 5089 met for a training & strategy session.   While management has indicated that they likely are not looking to get to the table until later this summer, we want to be ready and fully prepared to go with our plans and proposals.

To that end bargaining surveys are out now. It is imperative for each team to know what the membership prioritizes in this upcoming contract. If you have not filled one out, please do so. If you need a copy, please contact your local Union Representative.

Keep an eye on our local webpages for more information. As we get closer to the fall we will be looking to have a join kickoff event – it will be important that everyone attend to demonstrate our unity to management! We are excited for these upcoming negotiations, and believe that we can make some significant gains for the membership so long as everyone gets active and involved!

In Solidarity,

Christine Boardingham (UH Chair, Local 5094)