Management Is Bargaining in Bad Faith - The Strike Is On - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Management Is Bargaining in Bad Faith – The Strike Is On

Your Negotiations Committee made every effort today to try to reach a fair contract. We made serious offers to management today on staffing and other issues, but, unfortunately, management did not come to the table today with the intent to actually reach a settlement which addresses our key issues. AAC is bargaining in bad faith.

As a result, we are going on a three day Unfair Labor Practice strike starting tomorrow morning at 7am. We are also holding a rally at the strike location at 12 Noon and urging everyone to attend.

Management gave us an offer today that did not even respond to us on many outstanding issues.  And, management continues its illegal refusal to provide us with the information we need for negotiations.

Management is saying “No” to any paid holidays.

Management is saying “No” to any increases in staffing.

Management is offering an inadequate wage increase for the three years of the contract. The majority of staff would continue to receive near-starvation wages under management’s final proposal.

Most importantly, management continues its unfair labor practices, including unilateral changes that give us more work than we can fairly do.

So, we’ll be out on a ULP strike tomorrow and we will continue to fight for a fair and decent contract for as long as it takes.