NJ AFL-CIO Statement on the Budget Deal - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

NJ AFL-CIO Statement on the Budget Deal

True character is revealed in times of crisis and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, demonstrated unwavering courage, leadership, and love for New Jersey and its working families; we owe him and those legislators who stood strong in opposition to the Governor a sincere debt of gratitude. These champions of our state showed the political courage we would expect of all lawmakers.

We also wholeheartedly thank our brothers and sisters and various community allies who stood firm with the Speaker to ensure that the people of New Jersey’s voices were heard. With the July 4th holiday upon us, we are proud of each and every one of you who made calls, sent e-mails, attended marathon legislative sessions, and stood up for just democracy.

The deal on the budget and Horizon restructuring was announced late last night. With regards to Horizon, the labor movement was adamant that policy holders and workers be protected. The deal that was announced respects this fact and would not result in higher premiums and would direct surplus funds, beyond a certain threshold, back to subscribers, based off of a Pennsylvania model.

Once again, we thank our affiliates, community partners, and legislators who lent their support during this three-day crisis to fight for what is right. We are proud of the work that you do and wish all a happy and restful 4th of July.

Original source: http://www.njaflcio.org/deal_struck_ending_three_day_government_shutdown