Local 5106 Labor-Management/Safety Meeting Minutes, February 27, 2018 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5106 Labor-Management/Safety Meeting Minutes, February 27, 2018

In attendance:  Betsy Nulty,  Richelle Kozak, Sue Clements,  Barbara Gennello, Luann Kline, Yasser El-Khatib, Clara Galati, Joan Schiavo

Next Meeting:  March 27, 2018

Magnet:  Letter not accepted yet


Restraint Documentation

  • New documentation for restraints; education to be provided starting on March 8th
  • Documentation audit March 12-19.
  • DOH complaint: ER patient’s  rights allegedly violated
  • Documentation must be accurate in Epic: violent vs. non-violent restraints
  • Techs and nursing document in two different sections
  • Actual time is important on when restraints are placed and  when other interventions occur
  • Education needed on “late entry”
  • RN can place on order for restraints in Epic; MD must evaluate the patient within the hour
  • ER documentation is poor; type of restraint (violent vs. non-violent) must match the order
  • Once patient is asleep, the nurse should be notified and restraints removed.

Beeper for Pharmacy

  • Needed on night shift when only one pharmacist is working and he is out of the pharmacy
  • Patient safety issue; TPA/stroke alert every minute counts
  • Must have ability to reach pharmacist at all times
  • Luann will address the issue

Charge Pay differential

  • Per contract will start on the first full pay period of March
  • It is already programmed in the system
  • Managers will assign charge and know who has actually been in charge
  • ER: same person cannot be in charge three times in a week
  • There will be a list of who wants to do charge in ER
  • List of guidelines for ER charge.
  • Sign up first or be assigned

ER Issues

  • Children visiting in the ER during flu season was previously prohibited due to directive from infectious disease. This year there has been no directive.
  • Security officers not rounding in the ER.
  • Visitors to minor care need to be escorted.
  • ER Stat 13: seem to be a delay in the announcement of the stat.  Luann recommended holding the red stat button in for three seconds;  to reset, hit three times
  • Signage on emergency call button in the bathroom should be in Spanish and English
  • For any security issue, shift supervisor should be notified at the time of the incident.
  • Active shooter training in the ER needed, but staff has not signed up for past offerings.
  • Suggest the training be mandatory with 6am to 10pm times on two separate days: Staff would be required to sign up

Proposed Attendance Policy

  • We have demanded to bargain the effects of the policy
  • The existing policy has not been enforced . Why propose  a more punitive policy which will have potential  detrimental effects on all employees?
  • Since the policy will be system wide, we will be working with TUHNA, TAP and Jeanes nurses to bargain a fair and acceptable policy.