Local 5030 Negotiations Update, June 21 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5030 Negotiations Update, June 21

Management Responds to Our Staffing Demands


  • said they’ve made huge strides in improving staffing and that they don’t see the staffing problems that our members are seeing. They said our proposed mandated safe ratios weren’t necessary.
  • gave the union new hire numbers – 82 – without giving us the numbers of staff that have left Palisades.
  • said Med/surg floors are fully staffed.
  • Chief Nursing Officer said he “patted himself on the back” for their current levels of staffing.

Our Union Committee:

  • presented facts and statistics about the dangerous consequences of being short staffed and not having mandated safe staffing ratios.
  • told management that they did not live up to last year’s contractual commitment to add 134 staff.
  • gave management a report of the unsafe staffing forms which show countless incidents of dangerous unsafe staffing in the hospital.
  • demanded added staff in areas like Housekeeping, Dietary, Lab, Radiology, Mental Health, Respiratory.
  • expressed shock and outrage that management continues to not hear the clear message all our members are expressing over the chronic and dangerous short-staffing.
  • expressed our solution to management’s problem recruiting CNAs: 1) pay them well, 2) treat them with respect, and 3) give them safe ratios.

Come to the Rally… To Show Management That We Will Continue to Fight for Fair Benefits that our Members Deserve and Reject Managements “Harmonization” Roll Backs.

Wednesday, June 27th at the Hudson Walkway at Palisades Medical Center, North Bergen; 12 Noon – 4 PM

Contract Extension:
Our Union and Management agreed on a contract extension until July 20th with an agreement that negotiated raises will be retroactive back to May 31st.