HPAE Local 5106 Labor-Management/Safety Meeting Minutes - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5106 Labor-Management/Safety Meeting Minutes

HPAE Local 5106
Labor-Management/Safety Meeting
October 30, 2018
Episcopal Campus,  MAB 213

In attendance:  Betsy Nulty,  Sue Clements, RichelleKozak, Luann Kline, Yasser El-Khatib, Jeanine Penn, Clara Galati, Joan Schiavo

Employee access to Kronos records including occurrences and credits

  • Per Yasser, there will be changes to Kronos in the near future to enable self scheduling
  • Staff will be able to view their Kronos records

Temple Transport

  • Call center moved from Beacon House to Temple Main
  • Transport moved to Episcopal Tower 2.

Project Home

  • Letter of intent signed with Sister Mary Scullin to purchase the School of Nursing Bldg.
  • Grant has been obtained from the city
  • Anticipated work to begin in Nov. 2019 to convert building to residences

Conversion of Beacon House to Respite Center is still in discussion with city and lawyers

Parking Issues

  • Boiler project will eliminate some parking spots in the west lot
  • Renovations to the school of nursing will follow with continues loss of parking
  • Employees must park in designated areas
  • Employee cars parked in the ER drive will be towed
  • Employees should register cars with security

Safety bars

  • Needed in C6 bathrooms
  • Needed in ER on the wall by the scale
  • Luann will address
  • Wheelchair scale in the ER would be especially helpful

Staffing on acute behavioral units

  • Third nurse for day shift on acute units are being hired.
  • Undetermined if there will be three nurses on the weekend

CRC Meeting

  • Increase in census and required q 15min. rounds are presenting challenges
  • Staff is requesting a 6th tech when the census is at a certain level
  • Management to consider a designation under CRT for rounding
  • Difficulty placing patient seeking drug and alcohol placement
  • Methadone maintenance only available at Girard and Kirkbride
  • Patient can be short formed, but EMTALA requires that all patients be seen by a physician
  • Problem with insurances should be directed to Kelly Kulp, Director of Utilization Review
  • Management has been in discussion with Meraki to establish an outpatient drug and alcohol center on campus, but a contract has not been signed.
  • Would Dr D’Orazio do consult in CRC for suboxone program?

ER Issues

  • Staff vs pool scheduling
  • Weekend make up
  • Weekend requirement:Holiday requirement
  • Meeting to be scheduled with ER manager and assistant manager
  • Consider rapid response training for non-ER nurses as part of mandatory competencies. Appropriate actions while waiting for response team to arrive.

Review of 9/18/18 Minutes

  • Some language line operators are still requesting last name of nurse
  • Per Angel Pagan, ER nurses may give first name and initial of last name
  • ER nurse burnout due to frequent charge/triage. Newer nurses need to be given ESI course

Management Report (Yasser)

  • ANCC Magnet site visit will by Wed. Nov. 14th
  • There will be a preceptor program for the techs (CRTs, MHWs, PCTs)
  • Techs can apply. Applicant should be exemplary worker  with good attendance and clinical excellence
  • Goal to support new employees and maintain sustainability
  • New interview process for new employees will include manager, clinical specialist and at least one front line employee

Calling all Episcopal Nurses