HPAE local 5135 Rutgers: Contract update, November 19 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE local 5135 Rutgers: Contract update, November 19

At our Friday, November 16th, session with Rutgers/UCHC, Management again failed to provide requested information pursuant to negotiations and did not present any further proposals of their own. To date, Management has not presented a wage proposal.

Your Local 5135 negotiations committee presented proposals on Union leave, lactation spaces for Rutgers employees, additional mandatory leave day and global name changes to align our contract with the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act.

In addition to owing us general information pursuant to negotiations, Rutgers still owes us responses to our information request on Family Medical Leave Act data, which was submitted in early May, and yet they are still asking us to make major concessions on leave time.

Our next session is scheduled for Wednesday, November 28th.

We plan to attend the next Rutgers Board of Governors meeting to demand job security, dignity and transparency. Please join us on December 6th, anytime between 12pm and 2pm at Winants Hall, 7 College Avenue, New Brunswick.

Sign our petition to demand job protections and a fair contract.

As always, thank you for all your support and make sure to stay connected to your Union Rep for more updates.

In Solidarity,

HPAE 5135 Negotiations Committee

(Sabrina Brown-Oliver, Marsha Lauriano, Edith Feldmann, Lorna Beaumont, Joe Bentivegna, Debbie Schaal, Carol Milroy, Dawn Raabe, Jane Aldershoff, Francine Pasch, Denise Johnson, Itoro (Peace) Ekpo, Doreen McKishen, and Ulric Kelly)