Local 5094 University Hospital Bargaining Update, May 17 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5094 University Hospital Bargaining Update, May 17

Management once again rejected all our proposals to date. Their response to our proposals to increase the tuition reimbursement, to broaden acceptable uses of continuing education funding, as well as to allow for the funding of related but not required certifications was that it was poor “resource allocation.”

They rejected our proposal to require minimum three weeks notice of work schedules.

They are holding to their proposal to reduce available continuing education benefit time for some of our staff.

They rejected our proposals to encourage hiring of internal candidates for Hospital positions.

We presented a comprehensive proposal on staffing to trigger an accountable process to investigate and address staffing levels and workloads for our members.

We presented a competitive and fair wage increase proposal. We also proposed and stressed the need for step increases in this round of the contract in order to increase equity within our salary ranges and move up long-time employees who have been stuck at their current step for years.

At our next session, we expect to hear the Hospital’s wage counter. The more state funding University Hospital receives, the greater our ability to win fair raises and other economic items we care about. Take action now in support of the Governor’s Millionaires’ Tax and more funding for health care workers.

Our next session is June 25th 1pm-5pm (ADMC 8). All members are encouraged to stop by. E-mail akulenovic@hpae.org to RSVP.

​In Solidarity,

HPAE 5094 Negotiations Committee

Tom Murphy, Christine Boardingham, Jacques Lherison, Jacob Luftman, Ivette Suarez-Vega, and Judy Vincenty.