Local 5030 Officer Election Results - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5030 Officer Election Results

The Local 5030 Nomination and Election Committee has completed Local 5030 Officer Elections. The American Arbitration Association, a national recognized neutral organization, mailed and counted all the ballots. We commend all of you who participated and who took the time to have a voice in your union. We would also like to thank the outgoing officers.

Congratulations to all the winners

President – Lorna Miquiabas

Co-Vice Presidents

  • Bruce DeMercurio
  • Nancy Martell

Secretary – Corazon Matos

Treasurer – Ryan Hannagan

Candidates will officially take office August 1, 2019. Note: The right to protest the conduct of an officer election is guaranteed by federal law.

Click here for a description of the election protest process.

HPAE LOCAL 5030 NOMINATION/ELECTION COMMITTEE: Leonora Cabrera, David Tampan, Valerie Wortman and Jeffrey David Ball (HPAE Staff Representative, jball@hpae.org)​