Local 5103 Officer nomination have closed.  The following candidates have been nominated and accepted.

Co-President RN – Judy Merkowsky
Co-President Technical – Renee Conyers and Timothy Posser

Three Vice Presidents

  • Dawn Jordan
  • Lisa Scaramuzzo
  • Lecora Denise Shorter

The only position that is contested is Co-President of Technical Unit.  Since Co-President of RN and Vice President positions are uncontested, the Nomination Committee will cast one vote on behalf of them and they will be elected.

For the Co-President of Technical position, the American Arbitration Association (AAA) will mail ballots to all the Technical Unit members.  AAA is a nationally recognized organization that oversees elections with accountants and attorneys verifying everything.  Local 5103  Constitution and By-Law states “Two Co-Presidents shall be elected by the local’s membership in good standing. One Co-President shall be a technical employee nominated and elected by the technical employees of the local. The other Co-President shall be a nurse nominated and elected by the nurses of the local.”  So the only members that will be receiving ballots will be members of the Technical unit and the only position to appear on the ballot will be that of the Co-President Technical. Once the ballots have been mailed, we will supply the members with a phone number to request a ballot if they do not receive one in the mail.  Ballots will be sent with a special return envelope and balloting will be anonymous.

Nakiesha Townsend nktowns12@gmail.com , Grace Gobey graceobey@gmail.com ,
Tyra Conde takconde1@aol.com and Jeffrey David Ball (HPAE Staff Representative, jball@hpae.org )