Local 5106 Summary of Contract Survey Results - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5106 Summary of Contract Survey Results

We had 148 surveys returned.  A breakdown of the results are below.

93 Nurses:

  • ER–29
  • CRC–4
  • PM4 — 6
  • PM5–10
  • PM6–10
  • C4–6
  • C5–7
  • C6–15
  • Endo–2
  • Chemo –4

37 Techs:

  • Radiology –14
  • Lab–5
  • Heart Station–2
  • Respiratory–4
  • Crisis response Tech–13

18 Professionals:

  • Social Workers–7
  • Behavioral Health Therapists–11


1.What are your most pressing safety concerns? Please list in order of importance.

  •       Staffing   88%
  •       Lack of effective security (intervention/safety searches/parking lots)  34%
  •       Fear of injury/aggressive, abusive  patients 20%
  •       Inability to provide good care/medications errors r/t short staffing  16%

2. Are you able to perform your job duties completely and effectively? If so why or why not?

  • Inadequate staffing:  nurses and ancillary staff.
  • Too much nursing time being spent doing ancillary duties
  • Technical units also at times impacted by high work volume and less staff
  • Limited assist with transport to CT, patients not prepared
  • Equipment problems
  • Missing supplies

3. What are your top priorities for these negotiations?

  • Improved staffing/staffing ratios   88%
  • Salary increase/improved differentials  82 %
  • Improved security 34%

Additional Issues


  • Inadequate prns to manage patient safely (5)
  • Medications not  readily available in emergency
  • Exposure to infectious disease (2)
  • Medically compromised patients on the behavioral units
  • ASAM criteria (1)


  • Increased charge pay
  • Increased shift diff
  • WE diff for techs  (3)
  • Differential for techs doing two modalities in a shift (2)
  • Extra pay when short staffed
  • Paid Maternity Leave (3)
  • Increase in tuition reimbursement (2) tuition for dependents (1)
  • Tuitions reimbursement for advance practice
  • Payout percentage of unused sick time on retirement
  • Retirement benefits/medical
  • Perfect attendance bonus
  • More vacation time
  • Cancelled shifts (2)
  • Maintain present benefits without increase in co-pays
  • 12hr of holiday time for PT staff working 12hr. on the holiday
  • Benefits for pool employee
  • More weekend time off


  • Input from  staff prior to making changes
  • Religious accommodations
  • Payroll error corrected in next pay
  • Equitable assignment of holiday time
  • Job security


  • Staffing is identified as top priority on all nursing units except endo and chem..
  • Staffing is identified as an issue in all tech units except heart station and respiratory.
  • Professionals identify staffing on their units, specifically insufficient mental health workers as an issue.
  • Security is identified as a top priority for ER and CRC staff.  It is also identified as an issue on some, but not all inpatient units r/t violent, assaultive patients who are not properly medicated.