HPAE Local 5094 UH Bargaining Update, December 20, 2019 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5094 UH Bargaining Update, December 20, 2019

On Tuesday, December 17th, we met with management for our most productive bargaining session to date as we were able to reach agreements on many of the non-economic proposals that had been outstanding. Here are a few highlights:

  • Strengthened the grievance process to limit the same Labor Relations Manager from participating in a Loudermill hearing, (which is held prior to the suspension or termination of a member), and then acting as the Hearing Officer during the grievance hearing.
  • Strong language to promote mutual respect within the workplace as well as outlines a process to address claims of retaliation and intimidation from a manager.
  • Increase tuition refund to $3700 annually for full-timers and pro-rated $1850 for part-timers.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement regarding the right for our members to designate when they would use their benefit time under the NJ Earned Sick Leave Act however we will pursue this matter separately and will provide further details as they develop.

Lastly, the discussion related to economics has finally begun. Management presented their initial offer which we deemed unacceptable however we remain hopeful that an agreement will be reached.   Our next bargaining date is Monday, January 6, 2020 and we will keep you posted as to any new details as they develop.

In Solidarity,

HPAE 5094 Negotiations Committee

Christine Boardingham, Jacques Lherison, Jacob Luftman, Ivette Suarez-Vega, and Judy Vincenty.