First Day of Negotiations - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

First Day of Negotiations

Today was the first day of negotiations between management and the union. Of course, due to the COVID pandemic, these meetings are being held virtually using zoom. We exchanged non-economic proposals today and the spirit of these joint discussions seemed to be positive thus far. We are hopeful that this continues as things heat up going forward.

We will resume discussing non-economic proposals tomorrow. We are scheduled to negotiate on 8/21/20, 8/24/20, 8/28/20, 9/1, 9/2 & 9/3 and maybe longer depending on progress in negotiations or the lack thereof.

Present for management were:
  • Matthew Gomes – Attorney
  • Steve Mooney – Attorney
  • Tim Stein – AAC, VP Human Capital
  • Jim Zuravnsky – SRH CEO
  • Nick McCleod – SRH QA
  • Nancy Balakonis – SRH HR

In solidarity,

Mark Turner
HPAE Local 5629