Local 5103 Labor Management & Violence Prevention Meeting Minutes - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5103 Labor Management & Violence Prevention Meeting Minutes

Labor Management Meeting
8/25/20@8:30 am
Conference Call

Attendance:  Betsy Nulty, Sue Clements, Gary Peoples, Michael Wilson, Yasser Al-Khatib, , Cheryl DeVose, Joan Schiavo.

Review of Minutes

  • Health fleet transports continue to be a problem, and the delays have created an ER crisis. Yasser agreed to address the issues and recommended a member of the management team to attend our meetings.
  • Safety searches revealed that patients from Jeanes and Temple have lighters in their possession, which should have been confiscated. LuAnn has reported the incident to each hospital.


*  PPE: When members are dealing with Covid-19 positive patients and providing treatment, they should have an N-95 mask.

* What’s next for Episcopal (Code White)? Although the numbers are coming down, we still have cases within our health network. We will continue with the necessary safety plan. Things will remain the same for now, and we are prepared to make adjustments if things get worst.

* There is a request that management should inform incidents of Covid-19 with the staff. Yasser was concern about disclosing personal information, but he will discuss this with management.


* CRC’s divert policy is not being followed. Broken communication between the Office of Mental Health and Police Department contributing to this problem.  Yasser will contact the CBH to assist with the CRC crisis and the Office of Mental Health.

*Safety issues and staff shortages in CRC; due to all the restraint rooms operating at full capacity during a staff shortage. It was allegedly reported that an MHT was instructed to monitor two patients in restrains at the same time.  Yasser will investigate this matter.

* Episcopal’s CRC is accepting patients while other hospitals are refusing them. Yasser identified this as one of the topics to be discussed with CBH.

* Rounding in CRC has become a significant challenge because of the many crises.  Another system should be considered and explored that will be adaptable to EPIC, that presence more flexibility.  Management stated that they are sensitive to the emergencies and request a note to be done later.

* Electronic Rounding has been placed on hold until further notice.  Yasser will discuss this with the EPIC team.

General Issues

  • Short staffing: Nurses and Mental Health Techs; Yasser stated we are actively recruiting and hiring full-time and pool-staff, and they are being trained. We want to improve our employee retention.
  • Weekend make-up: Our process is that the manager will inform the employee to make up their time. Issues with equity and consistency are of concern.  Yasser agreed that this policy would be included in emails and during staff huddles where staff members could sign. The union concern that personnel need to be properly informed the  old policy being re-enforced. Also, it is important that all members are treated equally or union will take appropriate steps through the grievance process.
  • A uniform allowance of $200.00 should have been received. Cheryl stated the new hires should have received their funding. She will check with payroll and send a list of the people who have gotten it already.
  • Violence Prevention Committee wants to recruit 1 or 2 people who will volunteer to address Stat 13 calls for more support. Yasser wants a volunteer from HPAE for this task force.
  • The location of the computers is unsafe for the nursing staff in the ER. Recording documentation requires Nurses to turn their backs towards the patients, which puts their safety at risk. Yasser is meeting with Karen and Ken from facilities to discuss a safer practice.

Upcoming meeting:

Labor Management Meeting 9/22/20

Violence Prevention Meeting


Attendance:  Sue Clements, Jamie Barge, Gary Peoples, Betsy Nulty, Jeanine Penn, Yasser Al-Khatib, Madelyn McCarthy, Ken Gentle, Terry Leon, LuAnn Kline, Cheryl DeVose

Review of Minutes

  • Payment for the night shift on the holidays was concluded and approved from 11 pm to 7 am.  They will get credit for working the holiday.
  • The Float Nurse job description was redone and posted.
  • The large gowns are now available, and a request for Karen to send some up to C-6.
  • Health fleet transport seems to be still having delays when arriving at the ER. Although it was addressed, it has become an issue again—a request for Yasser or LuAnn to address it.
  • ID bands are still a problem. The bands are found lying everywhere. Registration staff is not correctly fitting patients with masks when they are directly admitted.  LuAnn said she would follow up.  A request to have Karen inform the MHT to instructed patients to put on their mask.
  • ED safety searches by security have increased, Although the metal detectors cannot pick up drug contraband. Security must do a hands-on search. Patients can conceal drugs in their clothes.  It seems pat-downs searches are not as thorough. Security Staff must pay better attention while conducting searches.
  • The blue top appears to be better.
  • Security fails to direct patients to wear their masks properly.

ER issues

  • We have not received an official report about the incident of the fire. It has been since May, and Yasser does not believe there will be an official report.
  • The new initiative of the MHT, assisting with problematic patients in the ER, has gone well. Unfortunately, the staff is not always available. Yasser stated that they intend to continue with this as the staffing permits.

Debriefing of staff

  • The staff has been briefed by the supervisor to contact EAP when needed.

Need For Centralized stat 13 calls.

  • Several problems with stat 13 calls: The announcements are delayed or not heard.  Ken reported an incident where he called a stat from the tent area, and the responders came to the ED instead and took too long for them to figure out where they were needed.  LuAnn will look at the button in the command center.
  • Also, a discussion of changing the name of a stat 13 called when additional help is needed. There is a need for more people to show up on the stat, which continues to be a problem? Yasser said that he would talk about this with the managers and get back with the committee.
  • New radios have been purchased for security. (Per LuAnn)
  • Security is responding well when fire rescue patients arrive. Security has been approaching the fire rescue team, ready to wand patients for safety.  LuAnn stated that it is part of that post’s orientation and should be reiterated when others assume that position.

COVID Policy

  • Things are continually changing, and so are our policies.
  • The new policy permits us to wear a surgical mask and eye goggles.
  • Although when coming in contact with COVID Rooms, Staff must wear a face shield and an N95 mask.

New Business

  • After incidents on the units, it would be good to have the supervisor ask if  EAP could benefit the staff. Cheryl from Human Resources also offered to bring EAP Pamphlets and flyers up to the units.
  • Security staff ID’s are offend turned around and can’t be seen. Also, the Security personnel that presents unprofessional behavior should be addressed.  If Security personnel does not correct themselves, then they should be reported to their supervisor and administration.  Also, the supervisors will discuss these issues with their team.
  • ER situation – Unsafe process while trying to complete clinical documentation because of the computers’ position leaves the nurse with their backs towards the patient. Yasser assured to discuss this matter with Karen to address this.
  • Concern about the Committee Make-up So, HPAE has requested that we have nursing management in the Violence Prevention Committee. Yasser and Jeanine both committed themselves to the committee.
  • Visitor restrictions have significantly contributed to a reduction of incidents in the hospital. Although the State has begun to lift the restrictions, We have not considered making any changes yet.  We will revisit this issue as management considers opening back up.
  • The safety plan going forward- We have implemented much tighter security measures within the last few months. We also invested in new radios.
  • It seems that when the security staff demand to take lighters, things have become explosive. Staff should show the policy that is posted.
  • The committee discussed the recent stats on C-5. Although staff members have reported being extremely stressed, dealing with a high level of aggression and violence from several forensic and behavioral patients, management cited they were not aware of any increase of stats and violence.  Jeanine said that she would look into it and assist with any unit base management issues.

Upcoming meeting:  Violence prevention   9/15/20