HPAE Local 5103 Union Update, October 30 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Local 5103 Union Update, October 30

Just a couple things I want to give you an update on:


They are horrible. We all know they are horrible. National knows they are horrible. Unfortunately, we are stuck with them for the time being. It is a supply chain issue and I have spoken with those at hospitals that are dealing with similar problems.

In the meantime, there IS something that we can do that will help us as soon ARC obtains the red/purple wipes again. On the employee app, on the bottom, there is a tile (pictured below) for Safety Supply Issues. Click on this and follow the prompts to report the bleach wipes. If we report (aka complain) enough, our region will be put at the top of the list for distribution! Have everyone at your drive report everyday and we will be at the top in no time!


As some of you may know, last year there were a lot of problems with the way the early/late preference sheets were filled out and then with how they were awarded. Unfortunately, this resulted in some people losing their preference after it had already been given. To alleviate a similar issue with next years bids, I worked in conjunction with Joe Washkalavitch to come up with a sheet that has clearer instructions and is easier to understand. A picture has been provided below for you to get acquainted with before it is officially sent out via email on Monday.

Please be advised that not following the instructions and filling out the form incorrectly MAY result in your preferences being disqualified from the process. We DO NOT want that to happen to anyone, so please read carefully. If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself, anyone else on the LEB, or to the AP&S Boardroom.