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Sick time donation for a member in need

The holiday season is upon us at a very dark and challenging time in global history. We have all been facing serious real-world challenges in our professional work and in our personal lives as well. The entire healthcare system and economy have been under severe strain. One thing that we have seen is our members stepping up in times of crisis with a level of care, compassion, and selflessness in response to the pandemic that is nothing less than heroic. As we all know, we need to look out for each other when times get tough, not just at work, but in life as a whole.

The holiday season is often called the season of giving and, in that tradition, we are asking the membership to step up in support of a long time HPAE member and UBHC Clinician Dana Bush. Dana has been with the university for many years. She is a consummate and compassionate mental health clinician at our UBHC Monmouth Junction facility. She is known for being a team player, who is quick to step and volunteer, she is flexible and has played many roles in our institution. She is a veteran and earned her stripes filling some of the most challenging jobs in our system. She nearly lost her life a year ago due to a medical emergency, all while her husband has been battling cancerous brain tumors. She is the only insured person in the relationship and is his main care provider at this time.

We need our members who have a surplus of sick time to donate a week or two to her in order for her to get through this emergency without losing her job and insurance. Let’s show her the power of community support! Follow the instructions here to find out how to donate sick time. Below is Dana’s story in her own words:

“My husband has recently been diagnosed with recurrence of a cancerous brain tumor for the 4th time. Due the level of risk, surgery is not an option to remove the tumor. I am his primary caretaker and due to the severity of the impact on him and assistance with daily functioning, I am unable to work at this time. After careful consideration, I have requested and been approved for a leave of absence, however, I have exhausted my time and this leave will be unpaid causing a huge financial burden. I carry the insurance and it is imperative the insurance remains to allow my husband to receive continued treatment without interruption.

I am requesting assistance from my fellow HPAE members, if they would consider donating time to me so that I may focus on taking care of my husband and reduce the risk of additional financial hardship. I greatly appreciate the consideration and any help I may receive.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this sensitive matter.”

The amount of time Dana is seeking is 12 weeks, but any amount helps. Please give as generously as you are able.

Donation form link

In Solidarity,

Justin O’Hea, Co-President, HPAE Local 5094

Ryan Novosielski, Co-President, HPAE Local 5094