Local 5030 PMC Member Bargaining Update, April 16, 2021 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5030 PMC Member Bargaining Update, April 16, 2021

We finished another week of negotiations this week and met with HMH-Palisades on Monday and Friday. We return to the table next week on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. We also have additional dates for April 26 and 28 May 5, 6 and 7.  We have presented all our non- economic and economic proposals to management. As you are aware the experience survey went out last week for RN’s.  HMH’s IT department was unable to access the survey results due to a malfunction on their part. The survey will be going back out again tonight with an email apology from HMH. It is important that you get it filled out within a week since we are proposing that RNs be placed on the proper wage scale step based on your years of experience. We have also proposed that a survey go out to the service and maintenance and LPN/Tech bargaining employees so that they also can be placed on the proper wage scale step based on your years of experience.  Palisades has rejected this proposal for service and maintenance and LPN/Tech members, but our position remains the same.

Palisades has said that they are losing money due to the Pandemic, but the Union has continued to make the point that HMH had received over $558 million from the Federal Government during the pandemic and that our members deserve more pay.  We have put our lives on the line to care for our patients over the last year. We hope that Palisades will work with us and bargain in good faith to address the health and safety, staffing and wage improvements that are needed at our facility and that the Union has proposed across the table.

PMC management today, again, rejected our proposal on a stronger staffing committee language to address short staffing. It is imperative that Palisades step up to the plate to address staffing issues and open vacancies and the Union’s proposals address these issues. They also rejected our proposals again on the transition committee to address regular HR issues. Management again has proposed the floating of all RN’s and to take away no weekends for members with 25 years seniority. The Union continues to reject these management proposals.


We will continue to send updates via text, email, and newsletter. Please stay alert for upcoming messages. We need everyone’s support to achieve a good contract. Stay involved by attending the meeting, share updates with your co-workers and sign the floating petition.

General Membership Zoom Meeting

May 5th at 8am and 8pm

We encourage everyone to attend our upcoming meeting. We will answer questions and update members about the negotiations.   You will receive a text message with an option to receive a link for the upcoming meeting along with an email.

If you do not receive your link, please reach out to your Local LEB and Negotiation Team via email at 5030@HPAE.org or text (973) 832-0130 for more information.

We also need members to serve on the Contract Action Team to help spread our message. If interested, please contact one of us ASAP. It is imperative we have members from each unit serving on this team.

Local 5030 Negotiations Team

Lorna “Mickie” Miquiabas, President
Bruce DeMercurio, Vice-President
Corazon Matos, Secretary
Ryan Hannagan, Treasurer
Vivian Infante, Co Grievance Chair
Ruth Agosto, Co Grievance Chair