Local 5030 Bargaining Update, May 12 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5030 Bargaining Update, May 12

We finished another day of negotiations today and met with HMH-Palisades again tomorrow and Friday. We also have additional dates for May 17, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27 and 28. As you are aware the experience survey went out over 3 weeks ago for RN’s. It is important that you get it filled out now since we are proposing that RNs be placed on the proper wage scale step based on your years of experience. Management is setting up computers in the Palisades Cafeteria and will allow you to fill out the survey while on duty. Please have your years of experience and history to help you complete the survey. We have also proposed that a survey go out to the service and maintenance and LPN/Tech bargaining employees so that they also can be placed on the proper wage scale step based on years of experience. Palisades has rejected this proposal for service and maintenance and LPN/Tech members.

Today we were able to TA on Union Proposal #24, Transition and Oversight, that helps address issues of PTO, ESL, Payroll and Leave of Absences along with Union #31 which changes the notice period from 12 days to 20 days when it comes to Layoff/Reduction in hours. We continue to wait on management’s economic counter proposals since the Union has already presented ours. We are asking for:  1) Labor Market Rate adjustments, 2) that all members be placed on the proper step of wage scale based on years of experience, 3) across the board raises, 4) Hero Pay, 5) increase in shift differential, 6) increase in on-call pay, 7) an increase in preceptor pay and 8) an increase in Tuition Reimbursement.

The Vice President of Finance for HMH made a presentation today along with the CNO on a RN Clinical Ladder Program. The Union reminded HMH that they have received over $35 million from the Cares Act and that should be shared with our members.

We continue to press management on Wages, Health and Safety and Staffing. Management continues to propose the floating of all RN’s, PCTs and CNA’s and to take away no weekends for members with 25 years seniority. The Union continues to reject this management proposal.


Speak with your Directors and the CNO and tell them you deserve a Fair Contract Now. It is time for Palisades to step up and take care of the frontline workers who put everything on the line during this pandemic to take care of our patients. The contract expires on May 31 and we will keep you posted through members alerts, email and robo calls.

Thank you for your support on the Strike Vote that was taken last week. We will continue to bargain in good faith and it is our hope to reach a Fair Contract prior to May 31.

In solidarity,

Local 5030 Negotiations Team