Local 5030 Bargaining Update, May 28 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5030 Bargaining Update, May 28


What happens if we don’t have a new agreement when our contract expires? Negotiations continue.

There are three scenarios for what happens at work:

  1. Our bargaining committee and management may agree to extend the current contract for a period.
  2. We could continue bargaining and work without a contract.
  3. Our committee could call for a strike or other concerted activity. This requires a minimum of 10 days notice.

What changes when we continue to work after our contract expires?

Very little. Even after our contract expires, our bargaining committee will continue to negotiate in good faith with Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) management. That means:

  • The protections of our contract remain in full force, and we still have union representation.

Why haven’t we reached an agreement?

HMH continues to work slowly at the bargaining table, pushing to weaken our contract and lower the bar for our patients by proposing weaker floating standards, flexing, freezing our pension, and replacing across the board raises with merit raises. Our bargaining committee will NOT agree to any contract that is a net loss for us and will NOT be rushed into agreeing to a contract we cannot live with. We remain focused on addressing the issues all of us face at work every day:

  • Safe staffing levels that protect patients and staff,
  • Safe work environment free from retaliation and a voice in the pandemic plan
  • Fair and equitable economic package for all Local 5030 members.

Are we going on strike?

Members of our local voted to authorize concerted activity up to and including a strike, and we must provide a 10-day notice of any action. This shows HMH that we are serious about our proposals and gives our representatives in bargaining additional power at the table.

In solidarity,

Local 5030 Negotiations Team
Local5030@HPAE.org or call 973-832-0130