Local 5138 Member Update, May 14 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5138 Member Update, May 14

HMH continues to violate your rights provided for in our contract. Ignoring the contract’s plain language, “to sunset the extra shift and critical shift differentials”… is the latest example. We will continue to pursue all of our legal avenues and we all must remain united in this fight.

On May 10 and 12, 2021, we again met with management on the sunsetting of incentives per Appendix B of the contract. HMH is sunsetting these bonuses in the contract: Extra Weekend Shift, Critical Shift bonus, Open Shift bonus, and the Compensation for Extra Shift Worked (PT). The contract has CLEAR and UNAMBIGUOUS language on which two bonuses can be sunsetted: “the extra shift and critical shift differentials”. This list is the Compensation for Extra Shift Worked and Critical Shift Bonus.


  • Arbitration filed for all members for ending of Open Shift Incentive.
  • Grievance to be filed on behalf of members who worked an Extra Weekend on or after April 4, 2021 but were NOT PAID.

Bargaining over effects of sunsetted bonuses in Appendix B.

HMH’s communication about Critical Shift Pay Program (also known as harmonizing bonus) must be improved by using Smart Square/email/text groups so everyone can see the shifts available and sign up for them. This is critical to combat favoritism.

We have submitted proposals to management on how to offset the financial impact that these changes have for our members.

We presented how the loss of incentives have impacted staffing and the skill mix of nurses. The increased wage scale is not enough to entice members to work above their scheduled time.

We continue to bargain in good faith with HMH and enforce the contract during these negotiations.

Take Action

  1. Communicate with your managers the need for incentives when your unit needs more staff due to short staffing, acuity or increase in workload.
  3. Sign the petition on Sunsetting of Open Shift Incentive You can get a copy to sign from you rep or local eboard.
  4. Continue to send your reports, questions, and updates to your eboard at Local5138@hpae.org