HPAE Christ Bargaining Update #2 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

HPAE Christ Bargaining Update #2

To date, we have had seven bargaining sessions with management.

We have not received any economic proposals from management to date, but the hospital is mentioning once again increasing the cost of health insurance. This means we have no idea what the Hospital will offer on wages or any other economic benefit.

We continue to fight and not back down on well overdue compensation, acknowledgement of long term service nurses, not allowing unfair down-staffing rotation, a call pay increase, safety and recruitment and retention issues.



Management proposals

  • Eliminate resource nurse position
  • Downstaffing: hospital employees furloughed before agency employees
  • Involuntary shift change
  • No increase to any paid time off (sick time or vacation time)
  • Laid off nurses moving into specialty positions. Management proposes that these nurses assume binding re-payment if you leave before 2 years of service in new position
  • Reduction of ED staff in “Appendix B Nurse to patient ratios and levels”
  • Charge nurse to assume patients, except for ICU

Union Proposals

  • Bonus shifts: increase in pay from $20/hr to $60/hr
  • State of emergency bonus pay of $100/hr
  • Longevity pay reinstated
  • Preserve Assistant Nurse Managers (Endo and Operating Room) in our Union
  • Health and safety language from our experience in the pandemic (quarantine pay, workplace exposure guidelines etc)
  • No increase to health insurance costs for employees
  • Union proposed increase to sick days (7 to 10), additional personal/vacation days to be used without penalty
  • Preservation of nurse to patient ratios

Next week we have one meeting scheduled with the hospital: on June 10. We will keep you updated on any developments.

In solidarity,

HPAE Local 5186 Bargaining Committee: Nicole Mankowski, RN (ICU), Rebecca Lowe, RN (ICU), Nancy Weinstein, RN (Endo), Victoria Akre, RN (6 Tower), Jennifer Cavello, RN (Emergency Room)