Local 5106 Member Alert: Vaccine Policy - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5106 Member Alert: Vaccine Policy

As you know, the City of Philadelphia has stipulated that all health care workers must be vaccinated unless they have received an exemption for religious or medical reasons, in which case they will have to be subject to testing. While this is a mandate from the City, we have the right as a Union to bargain over the effects of this change. We have been meeting with management and expressing our concerns and priorities based on the feedback we are getting form you all.

In the meantime, because it is a City mandate, the Hospital does have the latitude to begin implementing the program while we are still in discussions. For now, we are advising all members to follow the process as its being laid out by applying for the exemptions if you so choose. Please let a Union rep or LEB member know immediately if your exemption is denied, or if any disciplinary action is brought against you. We will grieve any denials or disciplines that result from this policy. Otherwise, we will continue to update you on our conversations with management.

In solidarity,

Your Local Executive Board