Member Update: Union Victory and Pay Day! Class Action Grievance Won for WDEA HPAE Unit Members, Rutgers Pays Full Wage Increases to Our Unit. - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Member Update: Union Victory and Pay Day! Class Action Grievance Won for WDEA HPAE Unit Members, Rutgers Pays Full Wage Increases to Our Unit.

Thanks to the collective action of your group, supported by the power of our union contract, we win for all with the successful resolution of this class action grievance. Everyone should now be seeing full pay increases in today’s check.

History of the issue:

Due to Rutgers failure to comply with the terms of the signed agreement between the HPAE and the University, a grievance was filed on behalf of all affected members. Those affected are all part of the group who recently joined the HPAE Bargaining Unit through the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act and covered by an agreement including enforceable wage increases from 3% to more than 7%, bringing each person up to the union standard on pay for our members.

Double Check and Report in Problems:

All unit members are advised to check pay stubs and verify in the my.Rutgers portal under “My Compensation History” on the “Employee Self Service” tab that you are now receiving the full pay as outlined in your HPAE Settlement Letter. If you believe you did not receive your full increase or back pay, respond to this message with details about what you are seeing and the best contact phone number for you to receive a follow up call.

The Power of Our Union is Money in Your Check

No longer can management offer only empty promises of wage increases. You now have the ability to enforce the agreements you collectively make with the employer.

The settlement includes retro pay on your full increase to July 1, 2021.

To continue and enforce and improve the standards in our union contract, be sure that you and your coworkers are signed up as members of HPAE.

Having a voice at work is the only way to ensure you get a say in your working conditions, pay, and benefits. To become a member of the Union, fill out and sign your membership card through this link: 

Congratulations to all the grievants on winning this precedent setting victory, and congratulations to the HPAE Rep for this grievance, Ray Pollack. Get involved in your union’s governance and leadership team so you too can support victories for all by responding to this message with a note about your interest.
We are proud to call you brothers and sisters. Welcome to HPAE. Let’s win together.

In solidarity,

HPAE local 5094 Executive Board

Justin O’Hea, Co-President
Ryan Novosielski, Co-President
Roshni Danak, Co-Secretary
Jennifer Hunt, Co-Secretary
Fatima Meadows, Co-Grievance Chair
Kerry Margaret Butch, Committee on Political Education Chair
Philip Wilson, Treasurer
Ana Delgado, Child Health Unit Committee Chair
Deborah Cruz, Rowan Committee Chair