Please complete your Bargaining Survey and other updates - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Please complete your Bargaining Survey and other updates

We are quickly approaching negotiations as our contract expires on May 31st. Member involvement and input are vital for us to achieve a strong contract that addresses staffing, wages and workplace issues. Please fill out a bargaining survey with the link below before February 21st.


The Governor reinstated an Executive Order regarding COVID. Part of this Order includes changes to the NJ Workers Compensation Law for essential employees. The presumption now places the burden on the employer to prove that the infection was not work related. This makes it easier for workers to file successful claims. This took effect retroactive to January 11th. Anyone that tested positive for COVID on or after this date should contact employee health if you had to use your own time for any missed work. You may be eligible for Workers Compensation benefits.

We wanted to reiterate some important points regarding breaks. Please make it a priority to ask a manager to watch your patients if other staff members are too busy with their own patients to cover your assignment. We suggest then filling out a no lunch form that includes the name of the manager and the reason they could not provide coverage. Time adjustment forms are important because you automatically are deducted pay for getting a break, but you should be paid if you are not able to take it. Fill out Kronos form to be paid for the time if your manager is not able to accommodate your break.

In solidarity,

Local 5131 Executive Board