Local 5621 Negotiations Begin - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5621 Negotiations Begin

Yesterday we kicked off our first day of negotiations with Inspira management. After considering your feedback, we presented our package of proposals that included ways to improve staffing, health & safety, on-call, scheduling, cancellation/standby and offers competitive wages. Our goal is to get a contract that helps recruit and retain nurses.

Our opening remarks touched on much we have all gone through in the past two years. We have been frontline workers taking care of our community while balancing our own families. We continue to work during a nursing shortage that has created instability with many open positions and the need for agency nurses. Our goal is to make Inspira an employer that attracts the best talent from the region and acknowledges the work of those that are here.

Our next negotiations session is on April 19th. We will be sending out updates after each meeting. As always, you can contact a unit rep or officer if you have questions.

Your Negotiations Committee,

April Ferrara, ICU
Tracy Cefaratti, Procedures
Julia Carentenuto-Sutton, Cath Lab
Michele Carey, Observation
Colleen Kupsey, Maternal Child Health
Art Matthews, Mental Health