Election Update for HPAE Local 5103 Officer - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Election Update for HPAE Local 5103 Officer

This is an update on the Officer election for Local 5103 Elections. Ballots will be mailed out to all members of Local 5103 in good standing by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on May 17, 2022. Ballots will close approximately 25 days later. A count will be done shortly after closing. The date and times of closing and counting are in the process of being established with AAA and will be shared shortly. A phone line and email address will be established and published for the membership if anyone does not receive a ballot, they will be able to receive another ballot. AAA will monitor that members will only be able to vote once. This is done by outside envelopes containing identification and a secret ballot envelope inside. No one will know how anyone votes. This method of election has been used before at your local.

Here are the list of candidates:


  • Judith Merkowsky
  • Melissa Rasnow


  • Tina Mills
  • Timothy Posser


  • Renee Michelle Conyers
  • Sabrina C. Handy-King
  • Dawn Jordan
  • Wanda Langley
  • Raina Danielle Morton
  • Latoya Morris
  • Dawn Jordan

HPAE LOCAL 5103 NOMINATIONS/ELECTION COMMITTEE: Michelle Thomas, Arlene Flowers Carter, Diane Duda and Jeffrey David Ball (HPAE Staff Representative)