Local 5097 The Harborage Member Update: Discretionary Bonus - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5097 The Harborage Member Update: Discretionary Bonus


As part of the transition of care from HMH to Complete Care, HMH will be paying the discretionary bonus on November 11. You must be on active payroll as of October 31. New hires are eligible if they are active also. You must be a full-time, part-time or per diem member.

The sale of the Harborage to Complete Care has still not received approval yet from the State Attorney General or State Board of Health. You will be notified once that approval has been completed.


We meet with Complete Care on October 6 with regards to the roll out of the health insurance. We are still waiting on Complete Care to get back with us and as soon as they do, we will communicate that with you.

  • No one needs to sign up currently. Those that signed up, no worries, complete care transition team will be coming back for sign up once everything is finalized.
  • Complete care said at the meeting that they are trying to bridge the gap between what you have now and what they will offer. They are working with their insurance broker on a new plan.
  • There will be no insurance change prior to that approval.
  • If the approval is mid-month Complete Care is working with HMH to make sure your current insurance remains in effect until 11:59pm of the last day of the month then Complete Care Insurance would kick in at 12:00am
  • There will be no lapse in coverage
  • After reviewing the Benefit Guide from Total plan Concepts, the proposed medical options are not “comparable” to what is presently being provided by HMH. It is the Unions position that the best way to “bridge the gap” is to establish a Health Reimbursement Account so no member has out of pocket expenses until we bargain a new contract and expressed that to Complete Care last week.
  • A membership meeting will be held at a date to be determined so that we can update all members and explain the benefits.
  • We also bargained new language with HMH that any current employee in the bargaining unit will have one-hundred and twenty days (120) after the completion of sale to transfer to a similar open position at Palisades Medical Center and maintain seniority at 100%. Salary and benefits shall be consistent with Palisades applicable CBA.

We will continue to send updates via text, email, and newsletter. Please stay alert for upcoming messages. We need everyone’s support. Get involved by attending the meetings, share updates with your co-workers.

Local 5097 Executive Board