Local 5621 Member Update, October 2022 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5621 Member Update, October 2022

HPAE Local 5621 Member Update

  • We are pleased to announce that we have filled the vacancy on our Local Executive Board (LEB). Alyssa Park is now our local’s Secretary. She works on 3 West Observation unit day shift. Alyssa has been with Inspira since the end of 2020. She has always been a fierce advocate for the health & safety of our staff and patients. We are excited to have her on the board in this new role continuing to support us all!
  • The winter holidays are quickly approaching, and we wanted to outline our contract language as it pertains to requirements, scheduling and cancelling on a holiday. Full-time and part-time staff are required to work every other holiday, unless your unit has an alternate holiday scheduling procedure approved by your manager. Per diems are required to work two holidays a year- one winter and one summer, on a rotating basis. The Employer may balance the schedule for the holiday week by offering to employees, starting with the greatest seniority, a waiver of the holiday in exchange for agreeing to work a non-holiday shift in that week. If cancellation is necessary on the day of the holiday, then volunteers for cancel will be asked started with the most senior employee. If there are no volunteers, then the least senior employee will be cancelled. The seniority list on each unit includes all staff (FT, PT and Per Diem).
  • We won new contract language this year that gives employees the ability to do mandatory education remotely. However, you may not utilize overtime to complete mandatory education without first obtaining written permission from your manager. We encourage all staff to complete their education as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute. You will not be able to work after the deadline if you have not completed all requirements.
  • All newly hired employees need to fill out a membership form within 100 days of employment. You can complete the form electronically here.
  • We are holding GEO for new staff every Monday at 10 am. You can join using this link: https://aft.zoom.us/j/5835878851
  • Officers and unit reps have contract books available for anyone that would like a copy. You can also find an electronic version on our website for easy access.