What a Day for Action: Update & Ways to Build (even more) Momentum! - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

What a Day for Action: Update & Ways to Build (even more) Momentum!

Today, Our Membership Delivered.

What a Day of Action as HPAE members stood strong through the rain, amongst coalition allies and union leaders including our own National Union President, American Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten.

The HPAE delegation proudly delivered a supermajority of membership support, more than 1,000 strong by petition, to the University President and the Board of Governors. Our message was clear. We are a united membership. We are committed to winning a strong contract. We are willing to stand strong and win the improvements we earned.

Keep the Momentum Building

Join the HPAE Bargaining Team as we return to negotiations tomorrow, Wednesday, December 7 at 9am. All HPAE members in good standing are invited to join the HPAE Union Caucus on break time or time off. Meet with your bargaining team. Discuss proposals and the campaign plan. Be informed about what is happening at your bargaining table and weigh in on how proposals will affect you at work.

Your participation in union life is safe and effective, if anyone makes you feel otherwise, share your experience with an HPAE Union Rep.

To register for the session, use this link: https://tinyurl.com/HPAECaucus

Across our teams and across the state, HPAE stands tall. From leadership and bargaining teams to the tireless work of the Contract Action Team, HPAE Reps, Liaisons, leaders, activists, and supporters across the rank and file, HPAE members are demonstrating what unity looks like. It is inspiring to be part of this collective and see the level of support already on display.

It will take sustained unity to achieve an agreement that includes all we deserve and have earned. It may be discouraging to see how hard the employer can try to make this process, but keep strong, hold heads high, through our continued solidarity, we will win. If your schedule allows, we hope to see you in the union’s caucus on Wednesday and at the membership meetings coming up next week.


See photos of the Day of Action including the presentation of our HPAE Bargaining Support Petition below.

Join an Upcoming General Membership Meeting: Register through the links below:

14 at 12pm https://tinyurl.com/5094GMM1214

December 15 at 6:30pm https://tinyurl.com/5094GMM1215