Local 5147 RN Retention Bonus - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5147 RN Retention Bonus

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Your local leadership is happy to announce that we have come to an agreement with management on a Retention Bonus for all FT and PT RN’s. The bonus will be $3/hr. for all hours WORKED. This differential will not apply to vacation, holiday, personal or sick days. This bonus will be effective retroactive to January 15th, 2023.

While it is not everything we wanted, or deserve, it is a big step towards making HRH competitive to attract and retain qualified nurses, as well as appropriately compensate our existing nurse members who have been loyal to the facility.

As you all know we have been fighting to increase rates for ALL our members over the passed two years. HRH has been addressing some of this piecemeal by increasing rates for specific titles, one at a time (e.g., housekeeping, central supply, etc.), but until now has been avoiding increases for the RNs – our largest and, therefore, most expensive group.

In order to keep the pressure on, we circulated a petition back in the fall. That petition garnered more than 280 signatures. The same day we presented it to management, they had this Differential Proposal for us – surely not a coincidence.

We recognize that there are still some groups of workers that have not had their rates adjusted, including all of Radiology, Storeroom, and others. We will continue to fight for adjustments there as well.

Thanks to all who signed the petition and came to the membership meetings! This would not have happened without your support.

In Solidarity,
Local 5147 Executive Board