Local 5030 First Quarter Newsletter, March 3, 2023 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5030 First Quarter Newsletter, March 3, 2023

It is already March and spring is right around the corner and time continues to fly by. We have been working on several issues that have been brought to our attention and we also have some new announcements in this update pertaining to PTO. We hope you can join us for the May 11th Rally for Safe Staffing for all Healthcare workers it will be a fun filled day and we will make our voices heard. Get involved in your Union because when we all speak with one voice, we can make change!

May 11th Rally for Safe Staffing

Join us on May 11 for a Safe Staffing Rally. We know that so many of us are exhausted, overworked, and ready to quit. Nearly one third of us have already left bedside nursing. Now more than ever, we need to make our voices heard in Trenton. Safe staffing has always saved lives; now safe staffing can save healthcare. Please go to https://www.hpae.org to register. Buses will be provided for transportation, and you will be provided breakfast and lunch. If you have questions, please see one of the local officers for more information. We will leave Palisades at 8am and return that afternoon. If you are working, please submit you PTO request ASAP and we will work with your Directors and HR to get you approved.


  • The PTO drawdown banks which were set to expire on April 1 will be extended for another year due to the Pandemic we went through and not everyone being able to use their drawdown bank. This will be communicated to members from HMH also.
  • April 1 the 80 hours for 8-hour shift employees and 72 hours for 12-hour shift employees PTO carryover policy will go back into effect but if you are unreasonable denied you will now be able to go online and request additional time to be carried over at the end of the year. Instead of going through the network for approval it will just go to the local dept. head and the CNO for approval.


Requests for vacation during the summer prime time (June 15 to September 15) shall be submitted between March 15th and March 31st. The Medical Center shall respond by May 1st. The Medical Center is responsible for determining what is necessary for the efficient operation of the department or unit and granting vacation requests accordingly. (Article 18 of the Contract). If you have any issues, please reach out to one of the Union officers.


HMH has informed us that the Critical Shift Bonus we negotiated during the Pandemic will be coming to an end on April 1st for all of the Network. We continue to argue that we still face a short staffing crisis and that HMH should reconsider their position. We will keep you updated.


As we continue to face a staffing crisis in the healthcare industry, we ask that anytime you are short staffed that you complete a short staffing form. Give a copy to your supervisor and drop a copy off in the Union box located down by the ED. This short staffing form protects your license and your job. These short staffing forms are for all members and just not nursing. Each short staffing form is addressed at the Staffing Committee meetings each month with the CNO and HR and the goal is a joint effort by the Hospital, Union and individual members from each bargaining unit to reduce vacancies and agency usage. The joint Labor Management Staffing Committee meeting is devoted to one of the following core areas: Nursing, Professional, Technical, and Service & maintenance. This joint Union and Management Committee evaluates the factors affecting staffing and we can propose joint solutions. These factors include but are not limited to current vacancies, current staffing, recruitment strategies, and onboarding efficiencies. This gives the Union authority to make recommendations to improve staffing on all units. If you would like to attend one of our monthly meetings to speak out on staffing, please let us know and we will get you released to attend.


We are pleased to announce that Claudia Scoccola from the RN/PRO bargaining unit as been appointed as the new grievance chair for the local. Claudia has been through the HPAE training and has the experience to serve our members well. If you have an issue or a violation of the contract, please reach out to Claudia and she will be glad to assist you. Claudia works in the Respiratory Unit.

  • EDUCATE YOURSELF AND YOUR CO-WORKERS – attend a meeting, share this flyer.
  • Please use the local email to better communicate with us Local50302@HPAE.ORGfor all questions and issues you may have.



Local 5030 Executive Board