Solidarity Week Begins Monday, HPAE to Pres Holloway: Settle Our Contracts Now! - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Solidarity Week Begins Monday, HPAE to Pres Holloway: Settle Our Contracts Now!

HPAE to Holloway: Strong Contract NOW!

HPAE Leaders delivered a message that we demand strong contracts now right to President Holloway’s office.

As a small group on our own time, we visited the President to share a message on behalf of membership. Unfortunately, he was possibly too afraid to face the people who make Rutgers run directly and sent an administrator out to receive the message for him.

Undeterred, and despite the suggestion by Rutgers security that we had “no business” in the building, we delivered. Read the message we shared here.

We are with you as we stand in unity for union contracts that improve the lives of membership. Collectively, we have the power to win. Joining union actions is your right, is safe, and makes a difference in what we see from Rutgers at the bargaining table.

Join us for our next visit by connecting with your HPAE Staff Rep. Participate in the HPAE Week of Solidarity Actions and show your support for the bargaining team standing strong for everyone.

Together we can win. Solidarity!

Lisa, Ana, Ryan and Justin, HPAE 5094

HPAE Unity is Power. Week of Solidarity begins on Monday!

Unity Pics on the Rise, Keep them Coming through the Week of Solidarity

The unity is clear, HPAE Membership is Ready to Win for All Members as we gear up for the Week of Solidarity and all the actions planned.

Click here for the HPAE Week of Solidarity Calendar.

From across the state in all workplaces where HPAE members work, people are talking unity and the unity pics sent in to share show it. HPAE members want to see real raises, job security, improved health and safety, increased vacation, and lowered parking rates. We want to see the respect we deserve paid in dollars and cents as well as in contractual agreements that offer improved quality of life, professional development, and fair processes in safe and healthy worksites. We are standing strong as a collective through rain, snow, and employer delay. We will not be beaten; we know our value and are standing up to win improvements in a contract we will be proud to enforce. Click to see team unity pics here and be inspired to gather your team and send in your own.

Add your team unity pic to the massive showing of solidarity. Use the placard linked here, pull the team together on a break, and snap a pic to share. Send your unity pics to our organizer, Suzanne at

Join your Bargaining Team as HPAE 5094 Returns to Negotiations on March 29: Wear Red to Show Your Support for the Union Bargaining Team on Wednesday!

All HPAE 5094 members are encouraged to join the upcoming Union’s Bargaining Caucus on your break or time off to support our union’s return to negotiations and presentation of our updated wage proposal. Meet with the HPAE Bargaining Team, participate in your collective bargaining process, discuss proposals, and get the latest updates about where we are on the issues that matter to you most. Members are welcome to participate on lunch, breaks, and time off.

Register for the HPAE Union Caucus here.

If you are not yet a member, join the union membership today through this link and show your support for your bargaining team winning the best contract possible through union power

Plan Ahead: HPAE Day of Action 4/4 at 12pm in Newark and Virtually

After almost a year of negotiations with Rutgers, our members are calling for action. Rutgers University’s delay at our bargaining tables make it clear that we are no beloved community. The HPAE United Bargaining Team is calling for a Day of Action on Tuesday, April 4th to support winning a strong contract for all HPAE members at Rutgers. Members can support the Day of Action in person or virtually on break time, or time off safely. Read more about the in person and virtual action and let the team know to count you in here.

Congratulations to the Head Teachers at ELRA on winning HPAE Union Recognition!

We are happy to share a Union victory and a true organizing victory. The teachers in the early education program of ELRA have been organizing to make improvements in their lives and the ability to deliver for the students they serve by building their union strong. The teachers won voluntary recognition from Rutgers University in the last week and through their victory we all win. Our union is growing stronger by welcoming this united team of educators to our rank and file and we are here to support their issues as they come into our Local.

Please welcome to the HPAE Local 5094 bargaining unit, your newest union family, the Head Teachers of ELRA. Joining us with strong majority support as members, ready to stand with coworkers across the Local and win for everyone.

If you are in touch with a coworker who does not yet have a union but does work similar to the work you do, connect them with HPAE Organizer, Suzanne at or (917) 588-1634 to discuss organizing.