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HPAE Strike Ed Meetings and Bargaining Update!

The Latest Bargaining Update

Your committee on negotiations met with management on 3/29 where we passed our most recent wage proposal — 6.5% and a step movement retroactive to 7/1/22 and on 7/1/23, and 6% and a step movement on 7/1/24 and 7/1/25 (those at the top step on those dates would instead receive a $4000 lump-sum payment). As a reminder, inflation is approximately 6% at the moment, and has been significantly higher in the recent past. Management’s response was to move a mere 0.25% on base salary, keeping the average salary increase in their proposal to below 3% per year, and including small one-time lump sum payments in addition.

Our next bargaining date will be a full-day session on 4/19, as management has elected to take an extended vacation in the interim. We have not: we’ve scheduled virtual and in-person meetings to talk about our escalation plans, to discuss our own strike readiness, and solidarity actions related to a looming potential faculty strike. Let’s talk together about our next steps. What we can negotiate at the bargaining table is a direct result of our demonstrations of unity away from the bargaining table.

If you don’t feel that management’s wage proposal reflects the value we bring to Rutgers the time to act is now, and that action must come from all of us together: come a general membership meeting, take a unity photo, join our next march on management (stay tuned for the next date and target), and make sure your co-workers are doing the same, and that they become members of our union if they have not. Rutgers works because we do.

Join the HPAE Contract Action Team this Wednesday, 4/12 at 12pm and 6:30pm.

The HPAE Contract Action team is meeting this week and you are encouraged to join the conversation. CAT is a working meeting of leaders and activists supporting the campaign for strong contracts for all. Both sessions will have the same agenda. Register for the meeting through this link to participate in campaign planning, construct the road to victory as a team. CAT is held on Zoom.

Invite to Bargaining – Join the Union’s Caucus

HPAE 5094 returns to bargaining on Thursday, April 19th and all members are invited to join the Union’s Caucus on break time beginning at 9am. Register for the session through this link. Join your bargaining team as the team stands strong on issues most important to you, the membership. Participating in your collective bargaining process is your right and offers power to your process. HPAE’s caucus is open to all members, please join on break time, lunch, or time off.

HPAE Leaders March on the Rutgers University Chancellor to Deliver the Message from HPAE Membership

What a Day of Action! In person and in virtual meetings our union marched on Chancellor Strom’s office demanding strong contracts that meet members’ needs. Unity is power, congratulations to all on bringing this powerful message right to the Chancellor. Because of the direct action of the Union team, we see improvements in the content within the employer’s proposals. See unity photos from the day and leading up to the action and the statement delivered by members. Stand strong in Unity! To join an upcoming action, reach out to our organizer, Suzanne at SCollado@hpae.org

Strike Education General Membership Meetings Begin April 17: in-Person and Zoom Meetings Announced

Join important HPAE Union Membership meetings during the month of April to discuss the most recent bargaining update and participate in real-talk strike education for our membership.

Make every possible effort to participate in at least one of the upcoming meetings to discuss upcoming possible Union job actions.

The time has arrived to demand an end to delays by Rutgers and advance the Union’s campaign for all members to win a strong contract that includes a real raise, stronger job security, improved health and safety conditions, decreased parking costs, increased continuing education benefits, improved vacation accrual rates and much more.

HPAE General Membership Meeting Schedule:

Monday, 4/17 in Newark at the Medical Sciences Building

185 South Orange Avenue Room B619 12pm-2pm

Tuesday, 4/18 at 12:30pm on Zoom https://tinyurl.com/HPAEGMM1

Tuesday, 4/18 at 6:30pm on Zoom https://tinyurl.com/HPAEGMM2

Wednesday 4/19 in Piscataway at the RWJMS Research Tower

675 Hoes Lane West Dean’s Conference Room 12pm-2pm

Friday, 4/ 21 at 12:30pm on Zoom https://tinyurl.com/HPAEGMM3

Monday, 4/24 in New Brunswick at the Clinical Academic Building (CAB)

125 Paterson Street Room 3403 12pm -2pm

Tuesday, 4/25 at 6:30pm on Zoom https://tinyurl.com/HPAEGMM4

HPAE General Membership Meetings are for Members Only. Non-Members are encouraged to sign membership cards and participate in these important membership conversations.