Safe-Staffing is a winning issue in New Jersey 2023 Elections - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Safe-Staffing is a winning issue in New Jersey 2023 Elections

In race after race across New Jersey, candidates who pledged to back S304/A4536, to mandate safe staffing in New Jersey hospitals, came out ahead.

HPAE, New Jersey’s largest union of registered nurses and other healthcare professionals, made passing a safe staffing law a priority because the staffing crisis in hospitals has become dangerous, HPAE President Debbie White, RN, said.

“We are optimistic with the number of successful candidates who pledged to support S304/A4536 that we will see improvements in patient care and retention of healthcare workers,” White said.

The long-standing problem of understaffing in healthcare facilities, coupled with the added trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in healthcare workers that are overworked, exhausted and exiting hospitals. The primary reason they are leaving our hospitals is unsafe staffing, so it is critical that we “stop the bleed,” White added.

A victorious Sen. Linda R. Greenstein (D), a key sponsor of the bill, thanked the union for the support in a statement.

“I’m honored that the voters of the 14th Legislative District have again chosen me to represent them in the State Senate,” Greenstein said. “I’m eager to return to Trenton to continue fighting to keep New Jersey a safe, affordable, and healthy place for families to live and grow. And in no small part, that means continuing the push to support our healthcare workforce. The men and women who got us safely through the pandemic deserve it.”

Sen. Andrew Zwicker (D), another winning candidate, said he plans to continue pushing to pass the proposed law.

“I am proud to be aligned with and endorsed by the HPAE, and aid in their fight for safe staffing ratios,” Zwicker said. “With their support, we were able to run a successful campaign in one of the state’s most competitive districts. The members of HPAE are working tirelessly to advocate for themselves and the patients in their care, and I will continue to work in the Senate to help them achieve their goals.”
Here is the full list of Safe Staffing Candidates endorsed by HPAE who won their election:

District 3
Senate John Burzichelli (D)
Assembly Heather Simmons (D)
Assembly David Bailey (D)

District 4
Senate Paul Moriarity (D)
Assembly Dan Hutchison (D)
Codey Miller (D)

District 5
Senate Nilsa Cruz – Perez (D)
Assembly William Moen (D)
Assembly William Spearman (D)

District 6
Senate James Beach (D)

District 7
Assembly Carol Murphy (D)

District 9
Senate Carmen Amato (R)

District 11
Senate Vin Gopal (D)
Assembly Margie Donlon (D)
Assembly Luanne Peterpaul (D)

District 14
Senate Linda Greenstein (D)
Assembly Wayne D’Angelo (D)
Assembly Tennille McCoy (D)

District 15
Senate Shirley Turner (D)
Assembly Anthony Verrelli (D)
Assembly Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D)

District 16
Senate Anrew Zwicker (D)
Assembly Roy Freiman (D)
Assembly Mitchelle Drulis (D)

District 17
Senate Bob Smith (D)
Assembly Joseph Danielson (D)

District 18
Senate Patrick Diegnan (D)
Assembly Robert Karabinchak (D)

District 19
Senate Joseph Vitale (D)
Assembly Yvonne Lopez (D)

District 20
Senate Joe Cryan (D)
Assembly Annette Quijano (D)
Assembly Reginald Atkins (D)

District 22
Senate Nick Scutari (D)
Assembly Linda Carter (D)
Assembly James Kennedy (D)

District 25
Assembly Aura Dunn

District 26
Assembly Brian Bergen (R)

District 27
Senate John McKeon (D)

District 28
Senate Renee Burgess (D)
Assembly Cleopatra Tucker(D)
Assembly Garnet Hall (D)

District 29
Senate Teresa Ruiz (D)

District 31
Senate Angela McKnight (D)
Assembly Barbara McCann Stamato (D)

District 32
Senate Raj Mukherji (D)
Assembly Jessica Ramirez (D)
Assembly John Allen (D)

District 34
Senate Britnee Timberlake (D)
Assembly Michael Venezia (D)

District 35
Assembly Shavanda Sumter (D)
Assembly Benji Wimberly (D)

District 36
Senate Paul Sarlo(D)
Assembly Clinton Calabrese (D)
Assembly Gary Schaer (D)

District 37
Senate Gordon Johnson (D)
Assembly Ellen Park (D)

District 38
Senate Joe Lagana (D)
Assembly Lisa Swain (D)
Assembly Chris Tully (D)

Brick City Council Melissa Travers (D); Mercer County Executive Dan Benson (D)

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