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HPAE 5089 Newsletter: We Stand Together in Our Fight for a Fair Contract!

We are hoping that you have had a wonderful start to the New Year. This year will be particularly exciting as we are embarking on a new bargaining campaign with the current Union contract expiring in September 2024. As we do this, we will need involvement from all of you as our contract proposals are only as strong as the Union members’ collective strength on the ground!

The Bargaining Survey

As the year develops, we will hold frequent Membership Meetings to discuss the campaign and the progress that the Union is making at the table. You will also see an increase in email communication about the bargaining process. Soon, you will receive the Bargaining Survey and we ask you that you fill it out as soon as possible so that we know what your priorities are for the new contract.

You Are the Union

Now, more than ever, it is important to remember that ALL OF US ARE THE UNION. Every response to the Bargaining Survey, every signature under a petition, every Nurse proudly wearing a Union sticker on their chest matters when it comes to showing management that ALL OF US support the proposals that the Bargaining Team presents at the table.

We are currently looking for volunteers to join the Contract Action Team, which is going to work on coordinating actions in support of the Bargaining Team as we are in talks with management. If you are interested in joining the CAT, email your Union Staff Rep, Anna Klebanowska, at aklebanowska@hpae.org, or reach out to one of your Executive Board members.

Weingarten Rights

Remember that you have the right to a Union Representative present when you are in a disciplinary meeting with management. Management, however, DOES NOT have to offer you representation, so it is up to YOU to request it. Take advantage of your rights!

Also, please don’t feel forced to immediately provide a statement to management on incidents and events where you serve as a witness. You should not be pressured to complete a statement tired and when you are trying to leave for the day. It is appropriate to request 24hrs to do so and consult with your Union Rep.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Membership Meetings and other campaign communication. We stand together as we fight for a fair contract!

In Solidarity,

UH 5089 Executive Board:

Banita Herndon, President
Wanda Caudle, VP
Dara Skinner, VP
Wendy Bobcombe, Secretary
Cynthia Baez-Lugo, Treasurer
Joselino Ulanday, Health and Safety Chair