Local 5004 Negotiation Update, February 28, 2024 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5004 Negotiation Update, February 28, 2024

Local 5004 members have chosen and been informed of their representatives for the negotiation team. Members of the team represent all nursing units and shifts.

A Communicator and Contract Action Team (CAT) has been assembled and met on February 6th. Great effort has gone into building our communicator structure and is evidenced by us now having representation of all units and shifts. We have created a plan of action for our members because communication is critical to a successful contract campaign.

Zoom Townhall Meetings with all units according to their ACP have occurred since January 16th and will continue through March 18th.

What is the process now?

  • A follow-up meeting for Communicators and CAT members will be held on February 28th. These meetings will be ongoing to plan when and how to execute some of the actions developed at the February 6th meeting.
  • Local leaders review past grievances and issues which arose during the current contract term. They then determine the need to formulate proposals to address those topics.
  • Local leaders will review the results of the Contract Survey filled out by the membership and correlate the data.
  • March 13th, the Negotiations Team will meet. Education will be provided and include strategies and skills for successful negotiations: preparation, negotiation tactics, and contract creation. The team will formulate proposals from several sources including the contract survey.
  • An in-person membership meeting will take place on March 27th. At this meeting, a financial picture will be presented by a member of HPAE’s Public Policy Department. A synopsis of the proposals will be presented, discussed, and voted on by the membership.
  • Members will be informed of the negotiation dates once agreed upon by HPAE and EH.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg