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Local 5004 represents Registered Nurses at the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

The Englewood Nurses Association was formed in 1973; it was the first established local in what is now known as HPAE. We, in 1976, were the first unionized nurses in New Jersey to go out on strike. We have built and enforced our contract through the years, focusing not just on wages, benefits but professional issues and work life stability.

Two committees that are vital to our local union achieving our goals are the Joint Nursing Practice Council (JNPC) and the Local Executive Board (LEB). The JNPC meets the 4th Monday of every month and is a forum for union and management representatives to address staffing, labor-management, health & safety and professional development issues. The Local Executive Board (LEB) meets the first Tuesday of every month. The Board is made up of the elected officers as well as chairs of standing committees: grievance, health & safety, professional development and membership mobilization. Members are encouraged to bring issues and suggestions for resolutions to any officer in order to promote the Local's goals and agenda.


Local 5004 Update: The Virus of Least Resistance
Feb 02 2021

The nurses at Englewood are dealing with two viruses. One virus is COVID, the other is succumbing to management’s pressure to ignore their nurse practice act which sets the scope of practice and responsibilities of nurses.

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Hospital Excellence
Feb 01 2021

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Jersey healthcare institutions and employees deliver award-winning, high-quality services.

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Local 5004 Merger News, December 4, 2020
Dec 04 2020

On December 3rd, we learned that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) filed an administrative complaint and authorized a suit in federal court to block Hackensack Meridian Health’s acquisition of Englewood Healthcare Foundation.

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Local 5004 Open Letter to Membership
Apr 27 2020

Yes, we are in an unprecedented time. Yes, it appears that hospital management, and government agencies are using that term as an umbrella for not protecting frontline caregivers, which filters down to the community which we serve.

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EHMC Mandating Shift Changes
Apr 08 2020

I am aware that many of you have received calls and messages from your managers that you will not be allowed to work your regular shifts and that you will be disciplined if you do not comply with the new

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Local 5004 Membership Recognition
Apr 06 2020

Your leadership commends you for your efforts. We want to convey to the membership our pride in your efforts. We thank you and acknowledge your excellence.  

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Local 5004 Holiday Social (pictures)
Dec 17 2018

HPAE 2018 Holiday Social - A Great Time to Come Together as colleagues - no walls, no shifts, no separate units! If you missed it - there's always next Year! Happy Holidays!

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Jun 08 2018

Thank you to all the members that came to today’s membership meeting. The membership voted to ratify the Tentative Agreement for a new three year contract. The new contract will be in effect immediately and will expire May 31, 2021.

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Local 5004 negotiations update, May 22
May 22 2018

We held our 12th negotiation session today. We presented our second economic proposal package – we reduced our across the board to 3% in addition to steps and the other increases we presented at last week’s membership meeting. We continued to

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Local 5004 EHMC negotiations update, May 21
May 22 2018

Thank you to the many nurses that joined us in our attempt to deliver petitions to Warren Geller.  It was disappointing that he chose to hide and not greet the nurses that he knew were going to be there.  Instead

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Local 5004 contract negotiations proposal updates
May 15 2018

HPAE Negotiating Team Is Demanding: Better Staffing throughout the facility; Charge Nurse no assignment on days and evenings in M/S; Reduce night ratios to the same as days on all units (see handout for details); Improve Professional Standards by guaranteeing

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Local 5004 EHMC negotiations update, May 7
May 08 2018

We held our sixth negotiation session today. Thank you to the MCH members who came to negotiations and expressed their concerns about staffing and professional standards at the Medical Center. We presented our Staffing Proposal today. We were met with

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Local 5004 Negotiations Symposium, February 15 2018
Feb 16 2018

HPAE Local 5004 held a Negotiation Symposium on February 15th at Maggiano’s on Riverside Square in Hackensack. It focused mainly on the importance of member involvement in the upcoming negotiations with special emphasis on establishing a communications network. Flowing from

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Our Local’s Holiday Social
Dec 04 2017

We had a great time at the holiday social held at the Clinton Inn on Friday night. It was a wonderful opportunity for local members to relax, talk with co-workers, and to enjoy the great food.

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HPAE Alert: Lead in Englewood Hospital Drinking Water
Jan 27 2017

Englewood Hospital recently alerted staff and patients that lead was detected above the EPA action level of 15 parts per billion during tests of a number of drinking water sources – water fountains and faucets – in the hospital.

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Holiday Social a Great Success
Dec 03 2016

Over 50 Local 5004 members had an enjoyable and relaxing time at our holiday social, which was held on Thursday, December 1, at the Clinton Inn in Tenafly.

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Arbitration Case Regarding the 2012 Layoffs Settled
Oct 31 2016

On October 11, the Union and the Medical Center (MC) settled the Layoff Arbitration which was filed in 2012.  Due to the passage of time, the Union determined that clarifying the process for the future was the most important thing

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Local 5004 Continuing Education Day a Success
Oct 20 2016

On Wednesday, October 19, over 50 Local 5004 members attended a Continuing Education Day on “Legal Hot Topics for Nurses” at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant in Hackensack, NJ. The speaker was Kathleen M. Gialanella, BSN, JD, LLM. Gialenella covered some very

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EHMC Cited by NJ Dept. of Health
Aug 10 2016

An investigation by a Department of Health representative concluded that EHMC violated HIPAA standards as it relates to the use of “whiteboard communications."

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Staffing Forum Addresses Key Issues
Mar 01 2016

Our local held a Staffing Forum held on February 17. The forum was an interactive meeting in which updates were given on the arbitration award regarding contract section 4.11 positions, the hospital’s acuity system, and staffing legislation in New Jersey.

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HPAE Needs More People Like You!
Feb 05 2016

HPAE Local 5004’s ‘Securing our future’ is a campaign to empower our members to set the standards to achieve our goals. Come to a  Communicator Meeting on March 23rd to learn about the campaign and find out how you can get

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