Local 5094 New Member Resources - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5094 New Member Resources

Congratulations on the beginning of a new chapter as you explore HPAE Union Membership. This page has lots of information to get acquainted with Union membership and getting active in your collective.

Having a Union Job Means that You Have Power at Work!

Because your job is in the HPAE 5094 bargaining unit at Rutgers University, you are represented by Health Professionals and Allied Employees, HPAE. Local HPAE 5094 is one of the many locals in our statewide collective of over 14,000 people and growing. Our Union, HPAE, is a democratic organization of coworkers who can join the Union as members, and by joining the Union, gain access to all kinds of engagement activities where members make decisions and set priorities and goals, and then work together by standing united to win those improvements for all. On behalf of your Union-Strong coworkers, welcome. Your participation in the membership community is power on the job. Join us!

Having a Union Job: Being in the HPAE Bargaining Unit and HPAE Union Membership

By being hired into your role, you our job is in an HPAE Bargaining Unit, which means that you have the right to be a Union Member. If you have not already joined the Union, Join Today!

HPAE Membership is Not Automatic

While your job is in an HPAE bargaining unit, you as an individual, are not automatically a Union Member, an incredibly important step for every person in the Union bargaining unit to take is to Join the Union. By being a member of your Union, you are activating power at work in concert with your coworkers and joining the membership community granting you a vote and a say in the decisions made by the Union. The HPAE dues rate is 1.25%, a relatively inexpensive dues rate. See more information about dues and other frequently asked questions in the Understanding Your Card Flyers below and reach a rep if you want to ask other questions anytime. Contact information is also listed below.

The Union is You and Your Coworkers

Making the most of Union Power begins with joining as a member, a first step into Union Life. Join and then look for invitations to meetings, gatherings, and actions where you and your fellow members discuss what is most important to you and your coworkers, make decisions, and form plans to win together. Your engagement in Union Life is what makes the Union Strong.

When You Have a Union, You Are Not Alone

Your job is included in the agreements made between your collective of coworkers, HPAE, and your employer. Those agreements and contracts are legal documents that govern the way things should work on the job. The contents explain processes and agreements and are the law which we, your coworkers, as a Union both honor and enforce.

Your coworkers who are HPAE Officers and Reps as well as the HPAE Staff are here to support you and all in our bargaining units in collective self-advocacy, contract enforcement, and representation matters. Reach your team with questions, for advice, and if ever a manager asks you to answer questions that if you answer you believe could potentially lead to disciple, we are here to help.

Be part of the community of coworkers that is HPAE striving to lift standards for our membership and all the many populations we serve though our work.

Your coworkers are standing in support of you, join us and we can win together.

Get more information about our Union, HPAE, and our National Union, AFT, the American Federation of Teachers as well as other useful info below.

Join HPAE using the virtual membership card link

Understanding the virtual card

Join HPAE using the writable pdf, remember to print so you can sign with a pen

Understanding the pdf card

Get Active! A Welcome from Your Coworkers

More about being an AFT member

Connect with your HPAE Team:

HPAE 5094 Local Executive Board Member Leadership Team

HPAE Staff Team