Local 5118 Union News, June 20, 2024 - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5118 Union News, June 20, 2024

Late last week nursing administration and human resources reached out to the Local Executive Board. They informed us that SIP was being extended through July 13 – not a full six week schedule. We counter proposed with an extension for six full weeks. They rejected our counter proposal.

They rejected it because they proposed a Summer Staffing Program. This program was to run through September 21, 2024. This was a “block proposal” as a two week pay period. Please see the attached which is the actual proposal.

We rejected their proposal.

Why because:

  1. The restrictions are ridiculous.
  2. We proposed more money. They said, no.
  3. We wanted float pay. They said, no.
  4. We wanted the hours to be given by bargaining unit seniority on a rotating basis. This is the fair way to do it. They agreed to bargaining unit seniority but NOT on a rotating basis.

They had the opportunity to come back to us with a better offer. They chose NOT to do so. Let’s see how they staff the hospital this summer.

In Solidarity –
HPAE Local 5118 Executive Board