Local 5107 Phoenix Union Update - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5107 Phoenix Union Update

  1. Union Raises: In the first full paycheck of July, you will receive an additional year of experience and receive a step raise, or a 2% raise, whichever is greater. Per-Diems will receive a 2% raise.
  2. 410(K)s: As a result of a grievance filed, management has transferred up to $750.00 to your $401(k) account to make up for missed matching payments on 2020, 2021, and 2022. We are still working on calculating how much interest Phoenix owes.
  3. Staffing: Corporate is dragging its feet on this issue. We will continue to work towards a more comprehensive solution, but for the time being, will be enforcing the staffing numbers agreed to in our signed grievance settlement (5 on 1st, 3 on 2nd, 2 on 3rd, and 3 on 4th) and the Critical Shift Incentive ($10/$12 per hour) to fill open shifts.
  4. Union Meeting: We will be having a Union Meeting this month. Use this link to let us know your preferred date and times.

In solidarity,

Your HPAE 5107 Officers