AFT Nurses and Health Professionals Occupational Liability Plan


The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the national union to which HPAE is affiliated, offers an Occupational Liability Plan which provides protection for claims or charges arising out of the employment activities of a member of a participating local.

The following HPAE locals have  coverage under the AFT plan:

  • 5058  JSMC
  • 5105  Virtua
  • 5106  Temple/Episcopal
  • 5107  Wanaque
  • 5112  Cornerstone
  • 5138  SOMC
  • 5147  Meadowlands

For more information on the plan, contact HPAE Vice President Bernie Gerard.

The contact information for the administrator is:

Johns Eastern Company,  Inc.

P.O. Box 110239

Lakewood  Ranch, FL 34211-0004

(877) 590-5562

Claims Representative: Javier Melendez