Life Insurance with the American & National Income Life Insurance Company

The American & National Income Life Insurance Company covers all HPAE’s members in good standing with a benefit of $4000.00 for accidental death or dismemberment.  Sadly, this benefit has been used for untimely deaths of our members on a few occasions and has been a great help to the survivors.

An agent from the insurance company may contact you to see if you are interested in purchasing life insurance.  If you are not interested, simply decline the appointment.  You will still be covered with the accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

The insurance company employs agents to sell additional products. The agent must not represent him/herself as being from HPAE, badger you into making an appointment, or be harassing in anyway. The agent must never come to your home without an appointment.   If this should occur, please contact Barbara Rosen at or by phone at 201-262-5005 ext. 133, immediately.