New Policy on Sick Time and Other Issues – Member Update

Management has implemented a new policy regarding the use of sick time. The primary change from previous versions of the policy is that now a sick note is required for every single-day absence instead of after two days.

In addition, we continue to address unpaid medical bills from 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Please share any communications regarding these bills with the Union Office as soon as you receive them; the sooner we have them, the more likely we can intervene with collections efforts. We now have a letter from the attorney who is handling the lawsuit that we can send to providers and collectors. The attorney’s letter asks them to understand that the non-payment of medical bills is not your fault and urges them to join the lawsuit against management. When you get collection notices, you can scan them and send to or fax them to Carlton at 201-262-4335.