Summary of Convention Resolutions - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Summary of Convention Resolutions


The convention resolutions for the 2016 HPAE convention address the key challenges which we face, highlight our key priorities, and identify the strategies we will use going forward.

Convention Resolution #1 – HPAE Strategic Plan for 2017-2018

HPAE has developed an integrated and comprehensive plan for building a stronger union and playing a more active role in the healthcare industry in 2017 and 2018.

Convention Resolution #2 – Building Member Engagement

We can’t achieve our goals in collective bargaining, political action, and organizing unless HPAE members are fully engaged and participate in union activities.

Convention Resolution #3 – Challenging Corporate Policies and Practices Leading to Medical Debt

Unfair and deceptive billing practices, such as “surprise” medical bills from out of network providers, are causing many Americans, including HPAE members, to go into debt; we need to challenge these business practices through new laws and stronger regulatory oversight.

Convention Resolution #4 – Petition OSHA for a Workplace Violence Prevention Standard for all Healthcare Workers

Currently, there are guidelines to prevent workplace violence in healthcare facilities; we need legal standards to promote policies and procedures in hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities which will significantly reduce workplace violence, including bullying and harassment.

Convention Resolution #5 – Promoting and Advancing Our Collective Bargaining Strength

As hospitals are merging to create mega health systems and the number of for-profit hospitals are increasing, we need to join forces and coordinate our bargaining to improve contract standards for staffing, benefits, and other key issues.

Convention Resolution #6 – Hillary Clinton for President/Tim Kaine for Vice-President

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine support strong labor unions and will work for an economy based on economic fairness and social justice.

Convention Resolution #7 – Growing Our Union Through Organizing

Our union’s ability to win and maintain strong workplace standards depends on organizing more healthcare professionals and workers.