Local 5186 at the HPAE Convention - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Local 5186 at the HPAE Convention


Local 5186 members at the Thursday night dinner.

Local 5186 officers, Reps, and members attended HPAE’s 2016 convention on October 6 and 7, at Bally’s in Atlantic City, NJ.  HPAE members from across the state joined together to discuss, plan and vote on resolutions to advance an agenda to protect our members and communities.

The challenges were outlined with superb informational presentations, discussed within a collective and coordinated format and then incorporated into a strategic plan for 2017 -2018.


Local 5185 and Local 5186 honoring Fred Hyde.

Awards and recognition were given to members, leaders, and our associated friends and supporters. Local 5186 and Local 5185/Bayonne Medical Center honored Fred Hyde at the Thursday night dinner for his information and analysis about the for-profit companies Prime Healthcare and CarePoint.

To learn more about the convention, go to https://www.hpae.org/campaigns/convention2016/ .