Summary of Tentative Agreement between HPAE and Rowan University - Health Professionals & Allied Employees

Summary of Tentative Agreement between HPAE and Rowan University

Below is a summary of our tentative agreement with Rowan University for HPAE Local 5094 and 5089.

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Our current contract remains the same except for the following modifications:

1. Wages: We were able to win Step increments and across-the-board increases. If you qualify for all increments based on the schedule below, the overall increases throughout the life of the contract will range from 7.8%-9.9%.

Professional Staff, Advance Practice Nurses, and Staff Nurses:

  • Oct 2014: 0% increase
  • July 2015: Effective upon ratification, one step* move (1.6%-2.3%) for those members hired prior to July 1, 2014.
  • July 2016: Effective upon ratification, one step* move (1.6%-2.3%) for all members hired prior to July 1, 2015 retroactive to July 1, 2016. In addition, all steps will be increased by 1.5%.
  • July 2017: Effective July 2017, one step* move (1.6%-2.3%) for all members hired prior to November 30, 2016. In addition, all steps will be increased by 1.5%. Those members at the top of the scale ineligible for the step increase will receive a one-time lump sum bonus of $450.

*Staff Nurse steps based on experience guidelines.

2. Term of contract: Retroactive to October 1, 2014 and expires June 30, 2018.

3. Combined Agreement: We successfully incorporated the two existing contracts of 5094 and 5089 into a single contract document, creating a more efficient and consistent collective bargaining agreement.

4. Tuition: Since July 2013, dependents of full-time employees have been eligible for the University Tuition Waiver Program in accordance with Rowan policy. This policy is now memorialized in our contract. In addition, upon ratification, full-time employees will also be eligible for the Tuition program. Employees currently receiving a tuition refund for use outside of Rowan University will continue to be reimbursed throughout the life of the contract.

5. Seniority: Seniority for employees hired prior to July 1, 2013 will remain their UMDNJ date of hire. We also simplified the layoff and bumping procedures to reflect that we are no longer part of the former UMDNJ.

6. Pre-termination hearing: Prior to being terminated our members have the right to a meeting where they will be presented with the charges and evidence against them. They may then present any counter evidence/arguments that might change the outcome of the discipline.

7. Arbitration: We created a more efficient procedure for arbitration of contract violations and unjust disciplines. The Union and the University will agree on a panel of acceptable arbitrators beforehand in an effort to speed up what is normally a lengthy procedure

8. Union Reps: We can now have one union rep for every 25 members and five officers recognized by the University. Union reps, in addition to our officers, will now be released from work with pay for scheduled Union training. Well trained reps equals even better member representation.

9. Leave for Death/Serious Illness in Family: Leave may be extended beyond three days in exceptional circumstances. No longer covers some extended family members, although other time may be used.

10. Non-discrimination: Updated to include religion, gender identity and expression, pregnancy, physical and mental disability, civil union or domestic partnerships, sexual orientation, genetic information and military or veteran status.

11. Information and data included in dues files: Clarifies information that HPAE is entitled to receive from Rowan.

12. Differentials: For hourly employees, the shift differential will be $0.25. On-call pay for hourly employees was eliminated. Any current form of on-call compensation for salaried employees will stay in effect. APNs will no longer receive certification pay. These were uncommon benefits primarily relevant to University Hospital when we were one system and should not adversely impact any current employees.

13. Health and Retirement Benefits: Language was added to the contract in order to be more descriptive of current state law and policies for information purposes. These benefits are established through state legislation.

14. State Alignment Issues: Because this was our first contract with Rowan and the first time we had to negotiate directly with the State of New Jersey, we were under a lot of pressure to change our contract langue to conform to many of the State’s policies and procedures: You can no longer carry over excess vacation time; You will only receive normal compensation if required to work during a state of emergency; There will be no emergency advance of sick time; The workweek/pay period will become Saturday to Friday. (Date TBD); All pay will be through direct deposit; Length of FMLA is in accordance with law; Workers’ compensation will not be paid above what is required by law; Internal applicants will not be guaranteed interviews; We are more limited dealing with subcontracting.

15. Elimination of references to UMDNJ, and other housekeeping items: There were a number of housekeeping agreements to clean up the contract where needed, including a global name change from UMDNJ to Rowan and eliminating language only relevant to University Hospital when we were part of the same system.